Marylia’s 2024 Makeup Trend Predictions

Marylia’s Predictions for Makeup Trends 2024

2024 is in full swing, bringing new and exciting trends to the forefront of the beauty world, and we’re so ready for the newest trends that are about to take over! As makeup enthusiasts gear up to experiment with fresh looks, we’re diving into the top trends set to dominate the makeup scene this year. From glam festival looks to celebrating the beauty of au naturel, here are the top looks that we think are going to take the cake.

Colorful Editorial Looks

“Clean girls” are out, and creativity is in. Gone are the days of playing it safe with your makeup looks. Think big, bold, and bright for an aesthetic that lets your artistic side shine. Use your face as your canvas to create works of art using curvy lines, splashes of color and pretty much anything else your heart desires. It's all about embracing creativity and making a bold statement. Channel your inner artist with vibrant hues, curvy lines, and striking color combinations.

To achieve this look, stock up on essential items such as blinding highlighters, various brush types, a variety of rainbow eyeshadows, and blushes that POP. With these tools at your disposal, you'll be ready to craft eye-catching and inventive editorial looks that turn heads wherever you go.

Perfectly Imperfect

Let your natural skin take center stage, embracing imperfections and showing off what Mother Nature gave you. 

As the beauty industry continues to champion authenticity and diversity, the trend of celebrating imperfections is gaining momentum in 2024. Embrace your natural skin texture, flaunting your unique features and letting your true beauty shine through.

To rock this trend, opt for sheer foundations, exfoliants, and skincare products that enhance your skin's natural radiance. Embrace a dewy complexion that reflects a healthy glow, showing the world that imperfection is not only beautiful but also empowering.

All That Shimmers

Step out of the shadows because it’s time to S-H-I-N-E. The resurgence of shimmering makeup looks in 2024 is REAL. Embrace it by strategically applying blinding highlighter to key areas of your face, such as the nose and inner corners of your eyes, to create a luminous and radiant finish.

For a shimmering transformation, include shimmery lip products, body glitter, and, of course, our blinding highlighter in your makeup kits.

2016, Refreshed

The iconic drama that was 2016 relied on smoky eyes, heavy palettes and thick layers of everything. 2024 sees a fresh and updated take on the iconic looks of 2016. There’s been a lot of nostalgic love for this makeup era lately and we think it might come back in a fresher, more updated way. Think slick brows paired with a lighter touch of matte and smoky eye, paying homage to the era of bushy brows, and liquid lipstick.

To recreate the allure of 2016 with a fun twist, focus on achieving smoky eye looks, faux freckles, and sleek brows. Incorporate matte foundation for a flawless base that complements the drama of the statement eyes and bold lip looks inspired by this nostalgic era.

As makeup enthusiasts embark on a journey of self-expression and creativity in 2024, these top trends are set to guide them towards innovative and captivating looks. Whether you choose to embrace vivid editorial styles, celebrate natural beauty, shine in the spotlight, or revive iconic makeup eras, this year offers a world of possibilities to explore and express your unique sense of style.