Our Story

Marylia Scott is Puerto Rican mommy, wife, and makeup lover. After attending art school and dipping her toe into the world of advertising, she found that she wasn’t being creatively fulfilled in a traditional work environment. She channeled her passion for makeup, modeling, and post-production into her Instagram account, garnering a following for her bold and imaginative beauty looks. 

In 2016, she noticed that she couldn’t quite get any of the highlighters on the market to shine the way she wanted them to on camera and started mixing her own pigments. Her blinding highlight looks started going viral, with big-name brands and off label products stealing her images online. When a famous publication featured her in an article making fun of the way she used bright highlighter, Marylia used it as fuel to embrace her brand…and in 2019 started Marylia Scott Cosmetics, naming her first product “YoUr HiGhLiGhT iS ToO BrIgHt!” in direct response.

Garnering support from the beauty community, Marylia has set out to innovate within the makeup world to push boundaries and create products that have never been seen before.